In spite of you being the mother, your little one has a lot to teach you. And with every little step you take, you will be amazed how many things there are, to pick up on the way.
Read on to find out how your little bundle of joy is also a little bundle of surprises!


To begin with, did you know babies are born with 270 bones? As they grow older, their bones fuse into 206, due to the merging of the skull and the spine. Also, did you know that 80% of babies have birthmarks? So if you’re worried about birthmarks on your child, don’t be!


Take a deep breath, there’s more! Your little bundle of joy won’t stay little for too long. Studies have shown that babies double their birth weight in the first five months. Additionally, babies know when they are full. If they turn their head to the side while you are trying to feed them, it means they are not hungry anymore!


Parenting is one of the most rewarding journeys. It will teach you more than you could have ever imagined. As your baby grows, you will grow with them. So sit back and enjoy!


Continue watching this space. More baby facts coming your way!