The goodness of Olive… rediscovered


artwork-04A child gives birth to a mother. And when you become a mother, one thing becomes very clear: You don’t want anything else but the best for your child. Along with the love you shower, you also want to take utmost care when it comes to using anything on your baby. So we asked ourselves “What would impart the care and the comfort that every mother wants for her baby?”. The answer wasn’t very difficult. We approached many a mum and discovered the one natural ingredient that they have always placed their trust on… Olive Oil.


Generations have benefitted from using Olive Oil to nourish their hair and skin. Often referred to as “Liquid gold”, Olive Oil is one of the healthiest sources of essential nutrients and offers numerous benefits. It contains vital antioxidants like Vitamin E, Polyphenols, and Phytosterols, which are the perfect agents for nourishing sensitive skin. Olive Oil also contains oleic acid, which helps protect tender baby skin keeping it soft and supple.


Now discover the natural goodness of Virgin Olive Oil in DermoViva Baby – a range of safe and gentle baby care products created for delicate baby skin. With a mild formulation and natural Olive extracts, DermoViva Baby products deeply nourish your baby’s skin keeping it soft, smooth and protected. So go ahead and enjoy every magical moment with your baby. Your little one is in good care!