The Mommy Experience



It’s natural to have doubts and reservations when it’s your first time as a Mother. All you know is that you love your baby unconditionally and you would do anything to keep her happy and safe. We recognize this and want to help make motherhood as enjoyable as it can get.


To take care of your baby, you need the standard supplies like body suits, towels, wipes, and diapers. But what about you? Being a mother is a 24hr, round-the-clock duty which can sometimes lead to lack of sleep and tiredness. Is there a general guideline that can help make the first few months of motherhood smooth?


During the first few months, the thought of taking care of your baby can be a little overwhelming. Don’t worry! Consider these moments as precious bonding time between you and your little one. Enjoy the cuddle time, and she is awake, spend time bonding, reading to her, or playing with her toys.


Time management will play a big role during this period. Begin by making a schedule which will help you get into a routine: eat, play and sleep. Make sure to set aside a little time so that you can catch up on your sleep. You might not have time for elaborate meal preparations. Prepare meals and store in the freezer. You can heat them up whenever you’re hungry. It would also be a good idea to have your pantry stocked as it will help avoid going for frequent grocery shopping. While stocking up the pantry, great things to have on hand are pasta, tuna and crackers.

Continue watching this space. More tips coming your way!