Time to get your groove on!



Every mom needs a break. Many mothers sometimes feel guilty not being with their baby all the time, but it is good to just be YOU every once in a while. By doing so, you will feel energized and start looking forward to spending quality time with your little one. Meeting up with friends, stepping out for a weekend brunch or indulging in some shopping can make you feel happy and lift your spirits.

What to wear when you step out is bound to be on top of your mind. Here are some simple tips for your wardrobe and to help you look gorgeous and stay relaxed. For the first month or so after giving birth, loose pants, shorts, and skirts with drawstring or elastic waistbands would keep you stylish and comfy. Steer clear of high maintenance fabrics like silk or rayon. While nursing your baby, you need strong fabrics that can be easily washed and worn again. If you like a particular garment make sure to buy it in two shades – that way you know you’ll be comfortable in your clothing while also having the option of mixing and matching. Compliment your natural glow of motherhood with beautiful pastel shades that highlight your happiness.

Getting ready in the morning isn’t the same anymore! You may not have time to sort through your closet, and you might have a ton of items that just don’t work. As much as you’d like to hold on to those things you rarely wear, they’ll just clutter the closet so avoid hoarding and keep that wardrobe clean.